SLC’s Emergency Appliance Repair Service

Having a reliable 24 hour emergency appliance repair company in Salt Lake City UT who delivers quality repairs while also maintaining affordable pricing is something we don’t all realize the importance of having. Your home is filled with appliances you use on a daily basis, some receive more abuse than others. Still, when one of them breaks down, knowing you can turn to an emergency appliance repair company can save a ton of frustration. Many Salt Lake City 24 hour emergency appliance repair companies charge on an hourly basis, allowing them to charge as much as they want. Yet, in your time of need and when you don’t have a choice, you end contacting the first local Salt Lake City appliance repair company you can find. We are unlike our competition in this way. Striving to offer the most affordable appliance repair service possible, we don’t believe in taking advantage of our customers. Contact us today at (801) 657-3515 so you can take advantage of us and our affordable 24 hour emergency appliance repair service!emergency appliance repair salt lake city ut

Common Need for
Emergency Appliance Repair

Most often our Salt Lake City 24 hour emergency appliance repair calls are to help save a refrigerator or freezer full of food. Most people will stock a good amount of perishable items in their refrigerators or freezers, and a malfunctioning fridge will likely lead to spoiled foods. However there are a couple tricks you can employ to prevent your food from going bad quickly.

  • Keep The Doors Closed: By keeping the refrigerator and freezer doors closed at all times, you’ll be able to maintain a decent temperature for a few hours. If you need to open it, make sure you close it as quickly as possible.
  • Alternate Storage: Store the food in an alternative place while the refrigerator is under repair

If you discover that your refrigerator hasn’t been working for quite some time, inspect all of its contents carefully before consuming them and throw out anything that looks suspect.

Reliable 24 Hour Emergency Appliance Repair
In Salt Lake City UT (801) 657-3515

Dangers of D.I.Y

Electrocution: Electrocution is a likely scenario when you make a mistake in a D.I.Y project. You might get lucky with only a slight jolt but a more serious instance of electrocution may lead to severe burns and nerve damage; potentially causing lethal damage to your heart & lungs. Even more, somebody trying to helping you would also get electrocuted by touch.

Fire Hazard: As mentioned, electrocuted can be an unlucky consequences of D.I.Y appliance repair job. But a simple mistake such as fitting the wrong kind of bulb or using an incorrect wire can also lead to something even more dangerous; electrical fires. Plus, unlike your typical fire, an electrical fire is even more dangerous as water can conduct the electricity and electrocute anyone nearby who gets wet.

Need A Local 24 Hour Emergency Appliance Repair?

When you need professional appliance repair, time is of the essence. Our Salt Lake City appliance repair company can be reached at (801) 657-3515.  Having a broken appliance on your hands can cause a lot of headaches, and in some instances cause more damage to the property. While all appliance calls are urgent to us, there are situations when it is a true emergency repair situation. If you have an emergency repair, it’s imperative that a professional is able to inspect and fix your appliance in a timely manner. Efficiency is important in these situations, and an expert emergency appliance repair company will know this. Fortunately, we take any and all emergency service requests very seriously to ensure that your appliance does not cause further damage.